Workshop Library

This is a collection of some of the workshops or classes Mario has developed and offered in the past. This is not a comprehensive list.

Mario can adapt any of these workshops to serve your needs and those of your team. Mario can also develop customized workshops or training sessions for any topic.

Contact Mario if you are interested in him leading a workshop or class for you or your organization.


Incorporating Accessibility Into Our Everyday Work

This workshop designed for college-aged students, explores the definition of Accessibility, its importance, and practicable strategies for students to implement in their studies and work.

Understanding Neurodiversity

This workshop introduces teams and organizations to Neurodiversity. The workshop also has a practical component about basic accessibility practices to support neurodivergent team members, audiences, or clients.

Boundaries, Self-Care, and the Unexpected Shape of Our Lives

Inspired by the work of Esme Weijun Wang, this workshop was designed to support and empower participants to find and define their own boundaries and access needs for themselves, as well as how to work with their own bodies and minds instead of against them.

Professional/Organizational Development

Going FAR with Effective Long-Term Change

This workshop is an introduction to the principles behind positive sustainable change, and effective  process improvement.

ELI5: The Right Message in the Right Bottle

This practical workshop will highlight the importance of tailoring your message to all your audiences. This workshop will also introduce participants to Plain Language and its benefits.

What Does it Mean to Lead?

This workshop challenges our preexisting ideas of what it mean to lead. We will explore what it means to have a Leaderful Practice and collective leadership model and decision-making.

What Happens After You Are Gone?

Participants will understand the importance of transition planning whether they are in a leadership position or not. 

Dealing with Microaggressions at Work

In this workshop participants will share and reflect on our experiences dealing with microaggressions and casual racism/ableism at work. We will also explore strategies and tactics to address them.

Walk Backwards Into the Future: What You Need is Already There

In improvisation there is the principle of "Walking backwards into the Future", where we focus on what is already there in order to create. In this workshop we will learn how to apply this principle in our professional life.

Writing / Theater / Improv

Putting People First - Creating a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable theatrical practice

In this workshop aimed to all theater practitioners, regardless of their discipline, participants will learn and explore different ways and practices they can implement in their individual work to put people first 

When Theater is Far: Improv in an Online World

In this class, participants will use and learn tools, platforms, and ideas they can implement in their digital/remote shows to make them more engaging. Students will develop and generate an idea for a show using the tools discussed or built in class.

Let the Audience Do the Work

Audiences come to theater to tell a story, not be told a story. This workshop will  provide improvisers with tools to build the spaces that will allow the audience to be actively engaged in the storytelling from the comfort of their seats, creating a unique and personalized theater experience.

Dramaturgy for Improvisation

Dramaturgy is a valuable tool for everyone in theater, including improvisers! In this workshop we will explore what dramaturgy is, how to think as a dramaturg in improvisation, and how dramaturgy can improve our improv!

Roll For Performance

This workshop will explore the lessons we can learn from Tabletop Role Playing Games, like Dungeons and Dragons, for our improvisation including designing longform styles.