Headshot of Mario Gomez, a light-skinned LatinX cis-man with black hair and mustache.

Mario Gómez (he/him/él) is a Non-Profit Leader, Consultant, Multi-Hyphenated Theater Artist, and Educator currently based in Southern New England.

With a 15-year career spanning the intersections of Technology, Community Engagement, and the Arts, Mario has developed the skills and experience to support organizations, projects, and individuals in reaching their goals and improving their processes and systems regardless of industry or scope. 

Mario is a passionate advocate for Social and Disability Justice. As a neurodivergent member of the BIPOC community, Mario is committed to ensuring that all his work is as accessible, equitable, and welcoming as possible. 

Whether you are an early-career artist, a non-profit, or a business, Mario will work with you to customize a solution that matches your needs and your budget.

Mario will make things happen with you.

News and Posts

Coming up for Mario:

Mentor Office Hour: Freelancing As A Disabled Practitioner

February 23, 2024 From 4:00-5:00 P.M. ET

It can be tough to begin or further a career in the arts—and even tougher if you have a disability. Mario will host Office Hours with the Access/VSA International Network to answer questions about how to navigate the freelance work as a disabled practitioner in the arts and consultancy work.

Some highlights of Mario's Career:

2024 Access/VSA International Network Mentor

Mario was named the 2024 mentor for the Kennedy Center's Access/VSA International Network! Mario is supporting a network of over 2,500 organizations and individual practitioners focusing on accessibility and Disability Justice.

DTM Keynote Speaker

Mario was the keynote speaker for the Design, Technology, and Management track at the 54th  American College Theatre Festival in 2022.

Instructor - Accessibility Series

Mario facilitated RISCA's Understanding Neurodiversity and Enhancing Inclusion workshop for Rhode Island's Cultural Institutions.

Logo of Art Equity's BIPOC Leadership Circle

2021 BIPOC Leadership Circle Fellow

Mario was a member of the 2021 cohort of ArtEquity's BIPOC Leadership Circle for Arts and Cultural Leaders from the USA and Canada.

NonProfit Innovation Lab Fellow

In 2021, through Mario's leadership, his organization became one of the 6 Fellows of the NonProfit Innovation Lab hosted by SEG and United Way.

Board Member and Co-Vice President

Mario is a member of the Board of Director of Sound Theatre Company in Seattle. In 2023, Mario served as a Board co-Vice President.

VSA Playwright Discovery Program Mentor

Since 2022, Mario has worked with the Kennedy Center's Playwright Discovery Program, supporting young playwright's with disabilities, as a Mentor, Panelist, or Adjudicator.

No More 10 of 12's Panelist

The United States Institute of Theater Technology invited Mario to speak about the negative impact some theater practices have on the disability community.